Heritage Days: individuals open their doors

Heritage did not necessarily rhyme with old stone. For good reason, since Saturday, 200 people have passed through the door of “La Palmeraie”, Jacques Brion’s private garden located in Saint-Aygulf in the Var. “It allows me to share my passion, to tell myself that I haven’t worked for 30 years for nothing. That people have come to see me, there are some who do 200 or 300 km”, he blurted out. Under a perfectly blue sky, with no less than a thousand palm trees, including a hundred species such as the Mexican blue palm, his garden is not lacking in assets.

As for Didier D., collector of vintage cars, he came especially from Gillancourt to present his little gem, Salmson, a French car brand that no longer exists. It was made right here, where this Boulogne-Billancourt residence stands. “It is both a sharing of our heritage and our passion”, he rejoices.

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