This is how the fashion world reacts to the death of André Leon Talley

Mel Ottenberg, who works as Editor-in-Chief of Interview magazine, remembered him through two post on his instagram account, the first with two photos of a young André, both captured by Andy Warhol.

One of André’s main characteristics was his charisma and the passion with which he spoke about fashion. Mel also remembered it with a video in which the journalist fawned over Rihanna upon her arrival at the Met Gala in 2015. The stylist, and now editor of Interview, walked the red carpet with the singer and recalled how he witnessed the moment in full color, ‘living the moment as only André could’.

Olivia Palermo is another of the celebrities who remembered Andre and shared that ‘the world becomes less fabulous today’, following the news of his death.

Other celebrities and brands like Oprah Y Roll you They remembered him through comments on the post that was shared on André’s profile, announcing his death. Up to now Anna Wintour has not commented on the death of her friend and right-hand man for several years.

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