Death of Gaspard Ulliel: the skier involved in the collision was heard

On Wednesday January 19, actor Gaspard Ulliel died at Grenoble hospital. The 37-year-old actor was the victim of a skiing accident in the La Rosière area in Savoie. At the intersection of the Tetras blue run and the Gellinote run, Gaspard Ulliel collided with another skier. The public prosecutor of Albertville declares: “He had just branched off to the left, probably to join his friends who were on the “Gellinotte” track. He then hit a Lithuanian skier in his forties, the latter having just been heard by investigators from the CRS Alpes d’Albertville, according to “France Bleu Pays de Savoie”. During their hearing, the team in charge of the investigation learns that “the two skiers touched each other well”, but that the collision was not very violent.

No excessive speed or inappropriate behavior

During his hearing, the Lithuanian skier who escaped unscathed, also confirmed that he was wearing a helmet at the time, unlike the actor. However, according to the prosecutor, wearing a helmet “would not necessarily have changed things”. The prosecution said: “In view of the first elements, it was not noted excessive speed, inappropriate behavior or fault of one of the two skiers. The investigators also interviewed other people present at the time of the tragedy on the ski slope. Following their testimonies, the prosecutor declared to the “Dauphiné Libéré”: “According to these first testimonies and the observations made on the spot, the two skiers evolved side by side and ran into each other. For the moment, it is difficult to say whether it was the shock or the fall that led to Mr. Ulliel’s death. This accident is very sad, but the circumstances are quite simple, there is no particular complexity. “If for the moment, the funeral of the actor has not yet been announced, many personalities have paid tribute to him on social networks.

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