Ester Expósito is in Mexico and is celebrating with a michelada!

In addition to the excitement of their followers nationals of knowing that it is in the lowlands, this flattering change of appearance has also managed to devastate, with more than four million I like it, and that her previous look, with extra light highlights, had been the boom it’s from the season.

Now we know that it was the script of the project that brought her back to Mexico for which she had to leave her style of reflections fine line to adopt the one that really suits you and highlights your natural beauty. In its post of Instagram revealed how he celebrated being again in one of the areas with the greatest history of the country.

“I celebrate with a michelada the character that I am going to give life to in a wonderful project, in this country that I adore,” wrote the Spanish, next to three emojis of green hearts, which can mean health and nature, so we understand that the actress is very happy, also because of her renewed image.

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As usual, she has not been able to advance anything about the project in which she is involved, but when we see the responses to her publication, we deduce that it is from the hand of Netflix, since the account of the giant of streaming He has responded with a festive: “Cheers!”. As for the part of the country in which it is, it has been the fans who have also revealed it.

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