Christina Milian and Matt Pokora celebrate their birthday in Paris

Sunday, September 26, Christina Milian and Matt Pokora both celebrated their birthdays in Paris.

Serendipity. Christina Milian and Matt Pokora celebrated their birthday on Sunday. The lovebirds were both born on September 26 and it was in the City of Light that they celebrated that day. Why Paris? Since September 17, the Frenchman, who has just turned 36, is from Wednesday to Sunday, on the stage of the Théâtre de la Madeleine where he plays alongside Philippe Lellouche and Estelle Lefébure in the play “Les grandes ambitions” by Hadrien Raccah.

The 40-year-old American, who accompanies her husband in this new professional adventure, has spoiled him, according to the images she unveiled on Sunday on her Instagram account. She gave him a perfecto from the house of Balmain. “Happy birthday to my soul mate. You are a dream and more, ”wrote the mother of three. Before going back on stage, the singer stopped at the Place de l’Etoile to contemplate the Arc de Triomphe packed. He also winked at his wife on Instagram. “Happy birthday my queen / twin. It’s your birthday then, it’s also mine. Let’s take advantage of this day. Happy birthday to us, ”he wrote, taking care to accompany the publication with a pretty portrait of his sweetheart.

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On August 6, it was exactly four years since the paths of Christina Milian and Matt Pokora crossed for the first time.

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