TikTok in the footsteps of Instagram: work on a subscription service for content creators

The application TikTok has managed to position itself as one of the most popular social networks, in addition, the platform has become a magnificent tool for many content creators, through the publication of short and original videos, to also obtain great fame.

After a few years of success, the app is considering adding new support to bring paid subscriptions to the platform. This would be an extra help for its creators, also known as tiktokers, so that they can obtain benefits for their content.

Since these tests were released, no details have been offered on the date on which this could be implemented in TikTok, nor who would have the option available, who is already testing it, or what the payment structure would be like. Zachary Kizer, the spokesperson for the popular platform, explained that paid subscriptions are “a concept that is being tested.” He also added that “we are always thinking of new ways to add value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

When will TikTok subscriptions arrive?

Of course this is not the only TikTok tool to help its creators monetize their work, Well, it already has its Creator Next hub, which has tools for monetization, as well as a tipping function for eligible creators in December, something that was tested in a small group.

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TikTok has a great advantage over its rivals thanks to its algorithm, which makes users’ videos appear randomly on the For You page, a great way to publicize all its users, with more or less followers. . If you also now add these subscriptions, creators will be able to save the best content for their paying subscribers, which could actually harm the algorithm, since it would not be showing the content to non-subscribers.

Of course, adding this new function will not be a bed of roses, neither for the platform nor for the creators themselves, since they will have to plan more carefully what content they want to reserve, and what to continue publishing for all users, since they will have to keep getting new subscribers.

Before TikTok, one of its biggest rivals already announced that it was testing paid subscriptions on its platform, we are talking about Instagram. This has already launched a test that has started with ten users from the United States. on this platform, subscriptions will be paid monthly, and prices will range from $0.99 to $99.99, at the creator’s choice.

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