Bolsonaro says Suriname can give Petrobras preferential treatment

Rio de Janeiro, Jan 20 (Latest) .- Suriname, which discovered gigantic oil reserves in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, is considering giving preference to the Brazilian state oil company Petrobras, with extensive experience in this area, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, during his visit to the neighboring country.

“I appreciate what we talked about recently about the possible priority that can be given to Brazil, through Petrobras, so that it comes here to collaborate in oil and gas prospecting,” the Brazilian head of state said in a statement to the press. together with the president of Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, after the meeting they had today in Paramaribo.

The Brazilian president admitted that one of the purposes of his visit to Suriname on Thursday and Guiana on Friday is to offer the two neighboring countries the experience that Brazil has in prospecting for oil and gas in deep waters.

Petrobras, which extracts more than 95% of the oil it produces in offshore basins, is one of the world’s leading companies in exploration and exploitation of oil and gas in deep and very deep waters.

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The Brazilian state company has several decades of experience in the exploitation of hydrocarbons from submarine deposits and already exploits gigantic reserves in marine basins off its northern coast of Brazil, close to the basins where Suriname and Guayana discovered their deposits.

In a direct broadcast on social networks to his followers on Thursday night, Bolsonaro reiterated that the president of Suriname promised to study the possibility of giving “priority and preference” to Brazil in the exploration of these reserves through Petrobras.

In the same broadcast, the Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque, who accompanies the president on his visit, assured that the marine basin of Suriname and Guiana has “proven reserves that correspond to 40% of what Brazil discovered in the pre-salt “.

The pre-salt is an exploitation horizon that Petrobras discovered in very deep waters of the Atlantic, below a layer of salt two kilometers thick, whose reserves can make Brazil one of the five largest oil exporters in the world.

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“There is a lot of gas and a lot of oil in these countries. That is why the importance these countries give to Brazil, which already has a lot of experience” in this area, Albuquerque said.

“One of the priorities (of the visit) is regional energy integration, due to the great potential that these two countries have,” he insisted.

Energy cooperation, including in the area of ​​oil and gas, was one of the most outstanding points in the Joint Declaration that Bolsonaro and Santokhi released after their meeting.

According to the document, the two countries agreed to “analyze the possibilities, in light of the development of the offshore oil and gas industry in Suriname, for cooperation related to building technical and institutional capacity, developing local content and The renewable energies”.