The story of the hairdresser who turned the haircuts of a boy with autism into a game

A hairdresser from U.S named Sheree Bethea became viral in social networks to do beyond a haircut. Via Instagram, the mother of little Jackson praised the incredible gesture that the barber had with her child with autism.

Sheree Bethea, known in her North American community of Atlanta as “Ree the Barber”, surprised the whole world with her patient and creative way to cut your hair to his 6-year-old client, Jackson, who has autism.

through your account @laquistaerinna, the minor’s mother shared a recording, entitled “My son’s barber is a gift from heaven”, where it appears Sheree running around and following the little guy into the barbershop to get his hair done.

The mother explained that Sheree Bethea turned the haircut into a game during the “epic meltdown” Jackson’s. “When your child is on the spectrum, people don’t want to be bothered”, wrote @laquistaerinna in the caption of your video.

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“He has always been so patient and kind to Jack-Jack. Yesterday was an epic meltdown. I usually have to train him to sit on the chair. He’ll put on his headphones and we’ll get over it. Yesterday he forgot his headphones and went downhill fast. He refused to sit in the chair and just lost it.”, he added.

Realizing that the 6-year-old is overstimulated by loud sounds in traditional barbershops, “Ree the Barber” He opted to transform his session into a game. When she noticed that he was wearing a Super Mario T-shirt, the hairdresser told Jackson that he needed “protect Mario” so he could run while cutting his hair.

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“The reason we were running was because the Mario in the chair was going to attack us if we didn’t run. I’m thinking if he’s running, if he’s moving, he’s not going to pay attention to me cutting his hair. I was trying to distract him.” Sheree Bethea said in dialogue with the portal Good Morning America.

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For her part, the minor’s mother confessed that she was moved to see how Sheree “He went the extra mile to make sure Jackson looked good.” “When you find someone who is just a breath of fresh air and accommodating, it really touches your heart. Ree is a gem.” concluded.