Manelyk González: when she was the girlfriend of “El Pistache” from Unión Tepito

Sometimes money, not coming from legal sources, can tempt people to a level where they do not measure the consequences in order to enjoy some trips, parties, among other pleasures. There are more and more known cases of celebrities who at some point have been related to the underworld, as is the case with Manelyk González.

The reality TV star has starred in more than one scandal during his time on television and outside of it, although he had never crossed the legal line until his relationship with one of the members of the large criminal group from Mexico City, Union Tepito.

The man who conquered the then unknown Manelyk was “the pistachio”, a bandit who is now behind bars. Find out all the details below.

Mane is a television personality of Mexican origin, famous for being part of
Mane is a television personality of Mexican origin, famous for being part of “Acapulco Shore” (Photo: Manelyk Gonzalez / Instagram)


The relationship between González and “El Pistache” gained relevance during the first season of the reality show “Acapulco Shore”, where the model participated. It is said that the young woman communicated with him constantly, calling him by his nickname.

But their courtship began a few years ago, when in 2014 Manelyk released a post on his Twitter account where he wrote a curious message: “Totally they will never know who pistache is.” This tweet aroused curiosity in the public, who at that time did not know the type of relationship that the Mexican had with the member of the Tepito Union.

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It was thanks to the journalist Carlos Jimenez that a snapshot could be seen that shows Mane and “El Pistache” at the beginning of their relationship. In this photo you can see them very close, in what would be a restaurant.

After the arrest of the subject and tired of the rumours, the influencer also admitted to TV Azteca that she had had a courtship with him: “I don’t deny it, I do know him and I had a relationship with him, but that’s it.”


The real name of “El Pistache” is David García Ramírez, who served as operator of the organization Union Tepito, after the departure of the leader Roberto Mollado, better known as “the baby”. It was in October 2018 that he was captured, inside an exclusive condominium located in Santa Fe, in Mexico City.

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