VIDEO: South Korea presents a tank that will compete with the Russian Sprut-SDM1 in the Indian tender

The South Korean company Hanhwa Defense has presented its K21-105 light tank developed from the K21 infantry fighting vehicle that will be offered to India within the tender called by the Army of that country in April 2021 to buy 350 light tanks, informs the specialized portal Janes.

The battle tank will carry, at the request of the potential client, a wide range of weapons of destruction, according to a company spokesman quoted by the website.

Thus, Hanwha Defense offers the K21-105 equipped with a smoke grenade launcher, a laser warning system, an internal overpressure system (characteristics inside to prevent the death of crew members due to a shock wave generated in a nuclear explosion) with filtering of air to act in conditions of a nuclear war and an instant fire detection and suppression system, among other mechanisms.

The tanks will be destined to serve in the Indian region of Ladakh, in the state of Kashmir, also disputed by Pakistan and China.

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The South Korean tank will become a competitor to the Russian Sprut-SDM1 tank, also featured in the tender.

For its part, the advanced Russian amphibious tank Sprut-SDM1 boasts the highest firepower in the world of tanks of this class.

The Russian rival incorporates, among other things, a powerful 125-millimeter cannon, which is installed with a wide range of ammunition (even capable of firing guided missiles) and a remote-controlled machine gun, in addition to weighing only 18 tons, a characteristic in keeping to weight suggestions by Indian customer.

Meanwhile, the South Korean tank weighs 29 tons and is equipped with a 105-millimeter gun.