The negotiation of the minimum wage, frozen at 183 dollars, begins in Nicaragua

Managua, Jan 20 (Latest) .- The Government, a representation of the employers and the Sandinista unions of Nicaragua installed this Thursday the negotiating table to set the new minimum wage for workers for 2022, whose average remains frozen at 6,518.24 cordobas ($183.3) since March of last year.

The Nicaraguan Minister of Labor, Alba Luz Torres, installed the tripartite table in which for the fourth consecutive year the delegates of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep), the main employer leadership in Nicaragua, do not participate.

The absence of large companies is due to the crisis that has kept the Government and the business sector at a distance since April 2018, and their place was occupied until last year by a part of the Nicaraguan Council of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Conimipyme) .

In the midst of these frictions, the Nicaraguan authorities arrested business leaders Michael Healy and Álvaro Vargas, president and vice president of Cosep de Nicaragua, respectively, last October.

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While last December, the National Assembly (Parliament), with an official majority, canceled the legal personality of Conimipyme, which was led by the Sandinista businessman Leonardo Torres, at the request of the Government of President Daniel Ortega.

The representation of the employers fell this year to the Association for Promotion and Development and Sustainability of Nicaragua (Aprodesni), made up of businessmen related to the Government, according to local press reports.


Minister Torres explained, during the installation of the table, that the negotiations have a deadline of February 28, and also presented the projections of the main economic indicators.

At the moment, neither the employers nor the unions have formalized their proposal to increase the new minimum wage.

By law, the minimum wage is adjusted every six months according to economic growth and accumulated inflation in the Central American nation.

However, last year the tripartite table agreed to make an annual adjustment and not every six months.

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The current minimum wage only covers 41% of the cost of the basic basket, according to official figures.