The tender reunion of a dog with his owner after more than a year without seeing

One video viral published in YouTube again has shaken all the social networks. The images show the emotional reunion of a dog with its owner, after a year without seeing each other. The incident occurred in U.S and quickly went around the world.

“The dog is man’s best friend” is a phrase that fits the clip shared by Caleb’s family. The young American was separated for more than a year from his pet, Koda. However, the dog went crazy with happiness when he saw it again.

In the recording you can clearly see the Koda’s heartwarming reaction being together again with ‘his best friend’ to continue being happy. In fact, the adorable dog showed that he missed his owner.

“My brother Caleb thought his dog Koda wouldn’t remember him after serving in the army in Kuwait for over a year. Koda proved me wrong.” Caleb’s sister Alex wrote on her Twitter account Reddit.

As expected, the emotional scene between Caleb and Koda became a trend in all corners of the Internet. The video was uploaded in July 2020, but continues to add reactions on social networks.

“This makes me happy, I can’t stop watching it”; “the reunion is charming”; “Many thanks to your brother for his sacrifice and for Koda’s”; “He died of tenderness when the dog hugged him around the neck. Dogs are too good for this world and we don’t deserve them.”were some of the comments.

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