Venezuela highlights the 12% growth in trade with Russia and the strengthening of the strategic alliance

The commercial exchange between Venezuela and Russia has increased by 12%, highlights the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry through a release that reviews the telephone conversation held this Thursday by the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

“The Heads of State of Venezuela and Russia took stock of the progress in multidimensional cooperation, highlighting the bilateral increase of 12% in commercial exchange,” says part of the text published by Caracas.

For his part, Maduro stressed on Twitter that cooperation with Russia occurs in various strategic areas “at the highest level” and that this relationship is strengthened by the “unbreakable union” between the two peoples.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry also highlighted that the leaders spoke about the advances in cooperation from different sectors such as tourism, health, military, among others; and they highlighted the activation of the Caracas – Moscow air route during 2021, as well as other tourist agreements that have managed to communicate directly to both countries.

According to the official text, the Venezuelan president thanked the support that Russia has given Caracas to fight the pandemic of covid-19, by supporting the direct supply of vaccines, as well as different medicines to serve the Venezuelan population.

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Maduro also expressed his solidarity with Russia and rejected “the campaigns of provocations and manipulations” currently directed against Moscow.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that President Putin supports the efforts made by the Venezuelan authorities to strengthen their sovereignty.

The Russian president also highlighted the importance continue cooperation in the fight against covid-19, including Russian vaccine supplies to Venezuela, and the need to intensify Russian-Venezuelan contacts at different levels.