Octavio Ocaña, new details that could change the course of the investigation

A tragic October 29. One of the Mexican artists who died this 2021 was the actor Octavio Ocana who played the remembered Benito Rivers in the series “Neighbors”, a situation that saddened his thousands of followers and fans, as well as his entire family, who continue to ask for justice almost two months after the event.

In that sense, the course of the investigations continues but something striking in this case could change the course of the investigations, according to some international media.

It should be noted that it was on October 29 when it became known that the famous actor Octavio Ocana was found dead in the town of Cuantitlan Izcalli, in Mexico. As part of the first investigations, it was mentioned -according to some international media- that the young artist died from a bullet impact on board his vehicle.

Octavio Ocaña passed away on the afternoon of Saturday, October 29.  His death is still under investigation (Photo: Octavio Ocaña/Instagram)
Octavio Ocaña passed away on the afternoon of Saturday, October 29. His death is still under investigation (Photo: Octavio Ocaña/Instagram)

To date, there is still no official document with the true causes that explain in detail what the actor died of. Octavio Ocana. Although almost two months have passed since the bloody event, his family and his thousands of followers are awaiting this entire process.


The family of the late actor Octavio Ocana They have hired a new lawyer who has been helping them to clarify the case and is following the entire investigative and legal process. Precisely, the lawyer gave some statements about the work that has been done during the week, according to Infobae.

The aforementioned medium specified that the lawyer Francis Hernandez spoke with the program “Ventaneando” where he gave details that have surprised many regarding the case of Octavio Ocana. He said that in the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) there is a second investigation folder and that this had been prepared because the state authorities had -allegedly- altered the crime scene.

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If it is found that someone altered the crime scene for some negligent or malicious purpose, that is why there is also another folder in the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico, by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. It is no coincidence that the state commission has opened an investigation ex officio, because if there were shots fired by the police, they were not justified.”, said the lawyer.

However, he specified that it is likely that this act was carried out because several hours elapsed before the expert services arrived at the scene, the same – as he adds – was not protected.


For the lawyer of the actor’s family Octavio Ocana the investigations are not very clear due to several details that have been known.

There was a blunder, which is precisely that hours passed without the forensic services arriving, what does this mean, that for hours the scene was not protected, not to mention the crime, the scene was not protected. Different people participated and manipulated the scene and that may cause us irreparable damage.Hernandez said.

In parallel the family of the remembered Benito Rivers He has also requested private investigations and the lawyer also provided information in this regard. An important fact that he revealed was that, according to one of the experts, the actor could not shoot himself.

No evidence or trace of gunpowder appears, neither in his hands, nor in the hands of the companions”, commented the lawyer.

Another detail that he pointed out was that the independent expert has in his possession the clothes that the actor had at that time, which will be analyzed.

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On the other hand, the lawyer for the Ocaña family, in conversation with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, assured that the people who accompanied the actor Octavio Ocaña that day have given new information about the case. They are the “tailor” and the “mechanic,” according to El Heraldo.

We feel very optimistic about what they declared. His statements contradict the official version, we managed to open up new lines of investigation”, he indicated.

He also explained that the “tailor” would have said that he did not see the actor pull out a gun. It should be noted that the witness was in the back of the truck he was driving Octavio Ocana.

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