Apple is making a live-action Godzilla series

Godzilla is getting a live-action TV series. Apple reveals its ambitious plans for the so-called “Monsterverse”.

The dismal box office performance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters was only a gross of 386 million dollars for a film with a budget of more than 200 million. This led to speculation that Legendary Pictures would conclude the franchise with Godzilla vs. Kong., the film that made the two mythological beasts of cinema fight. However, this premiere exceeded all box office forecasts even in a pandemic. So it seems that we are going to have a continuation, but on another platform and in the hands of Apple TV.

As confirmed by the study, the so-called Big and the rest of the monsters of the “Monsterverse” will share the small screen in a “live action” television series. It will be produced by Legendary Television and will be executive produced by Chris Black (Star Trek Enterprise, Outcast). Also, the writer of the series will be the famous comic book writer Matt Fraction. Both Fraction and Black will be the co-creators of the project and showrunners of it.

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This has been the announcement on social networks of the Godzilla series on Apple TV!

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First official synopsis for the history of the series

We still don’t really know what to expect from this new TV series, but at least we have a first official synopsis. «Following the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that swept through San Francisco, following the shocking new reality that confirmed the monsters are real, the series will explore one family’s journey to discover their buried secrets and a legacy that ties them to the organization. secret known as Monarch«. That’s the premise!

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Despite the confirmation of the series on Apple TV, this does not mean the end of the “Monsterverse” in the cinema. Director Adam Wingard is still in talks with the studio to direct a new installment. Apparently, this new movie on the big screen would be about the Son of Godzilla himself.