Lioness puts hunting aside and escorts wildebeest calf to safety as her mother

an amazing video viral starring a lioness who apparently appears to be leading a lone wildebeest calf back to her pride in what wildlife experts describe as a “act of love”.

In your official account Twitter, the Tanzanian National Parks published the past January 10 the emotional images recorded in the Serengeti National Park in which the maternal instinct seems to have overcome the predatory instincts.

Lions are usually “generalist hypercarnivores”, which means that the overwhelming majority of their diet consists of meat and is not limited to that of a single species or a single type of animal, the British newspaper specifies. Daily Mail.

However, zebras and wildebeest are among the lions’ favorite prey as they are slower and easier to catch than other savannah animals such as antelope and gazelle, but less dangerous than a buffalo.

Healthy adult lions need to consume an average of 10 to 15 pounds of meat per day, and it’s highly unusual to see one of the world’s top hunters pass up the opportunity for an easy meal.

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