Serkan Çayoğlu: the ring of more than 36 thousand euros with which he asked Özge Gürel to marry

Love transcended the screens and surpassed fiction. Serkan Cayoglu Y Ozge Gurel, who fell in love when they starred in the Turkish soap opera “Amar es primavera”, have finally decided to say yes in a big way. An example of this is the tremendous ring with which the actor asked for the actress’s hand in marriage. Know the details of the valuable jewel.

The Ottoman production called “Love is Spring” (“Kiraz Mevsimi”, in its original language) is one of the favorites and most watched in Turkey, as well as in Spain.

The couple of actors have been together for more than seven years, but they only announced their commitment in October 2021. It is one of the most famous relationships and one of the few, born between the protagonists of a soap opera, which will reach the altar.


Serkan Çayoglu and Özge Gürel have been characterized as a very discreet couple with their private lives. However, there is a detail that has not gone unnoticed by her thousands of Instagram followers: the actress discreetly wore her engagement ring. Do you know how much it cost?

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The spectacular jewel cost 36,000 Euros (more than 40 thousand dollars) and features diamonds. Followers noticed when she took a selfie when she was ready to attend a friend’s wedding as a guest. In a discreet way, a jewel is seen on her ring finger. Although the couple has not given details, close people have revealed that the marriage proposal would have been made at a big party with family and friends.

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The couple, without a doubt, is going through its best moment. In recent months they have enjoyed a romantic trip around the United States in which they have been able to visit some of the most iconic areas of the country such as the Grand Canyon of Colorado, the Napa Valley or Santa Monica and other tourist attractions such as the Universal Studios in Hollywood. On that trip, the actor would have asked Özge Gürel to marry him and then they formalized with the party, of which there are not many leaked.

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Özge Gürel discreetly wears her engagement ring (Photo: Serkan Çayoglu)
Özge Gürel discreetly wears her engagement ring (Photo: Serkan Çayoglu)


The actors Serkan Çayoglu and Özge Gürel have decided to unite their lives and for this, nothing better than with the sacrament of marriage.

The wedding would take place in the early summer of 2022; that is, in the month of June, as reported by the Turkish media Dizi Doktoru.

What is still unknown is where this ceremony will take place and who will be the guests. Obviously, your family and close friends will not be missing from the list.


Serkan Çayoglu and Özge Gürel met in 2014 when they were recording the soap opera “Amar es primavera” (“Kiraz Mevsimi” in its original language), where they played Oykü and Ayaz, the protagonists of the story. A year later, in 2015, they started their relationship and since then they have not separated.

Through their Instagram accounts, we have been able to learn that the Turkish actors have taken a two-month vacation in the United States. In fact, they themselves shared some photographs of that trip, where they are seen walking through Los Angeles and other North American cities.

Çayoglu took advantage of a break in the recordings of her latest novel “Kıbrıs Ada Kısı” to travel with her partner. Now he has had to return to the shooting of the series, where he plays an Ankara intelligence officer during the Peace Operation in Cyprus, the production is set between 1964 and 1974.

For his part, Özge finished the production of “Bay Yanlis” last year, again alongside Can Yaman with whom he already starred in “Dolunay”. For now it has not embarked on any new production.

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