Three super trendy ways to start wearing your suit

Take a chance!

Bet on new silhouettes such as wide-leg pants, structured jackets with well-defined lines, or even garments with fun prints. If your style is more preppy, leave the jacket and add a sweater on your shoulders or, if you are looking for a more classic style, keep only the vest.

Do you want to take it to the next level? Do it with accessories like breastplates, or even harnesses.

Louis Vuitton
For its SS22 collection, Louis Vuitton presented suits in vibrant colors, wide pants and belts on the jackets.

The detail is in the accessories

A staple of any outfit it is the footwear that we decide to wear, yes, it may seem like something small, but it really is a factor that determines how our look end, so consider experimenting with different types of footwear other than the traditional dress shoes worn with suits.

One of our favorites are moccasins, versatile and comfortable shoes that can give an elegant and fashionable touch to your look, if you are looking for a more casual style, then choose to include some sneakers, they are the perfect option for a much more relaxed commitment, and no, they do not have to be black or white, also take a risk for those that include great color accents and silhouettes chunky.

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