The truth about Butterflies in Peacemaker

We tell you the theory that the Peacemaker Butterflies might not be exactly the villains we believe in the series.

At peacemaker episode 4 It has been suggested that the mysterious Butterflies could be on some sort of “secret mission”. Something that we definitely did not expect. The DC Comics television series directed by James Gunn revealed last week a map showing us all the Butterflies that were “active” on our planet. The map was pretty much full, so we assumed they were simply looking to take over the world. However, it could be much more complicated than all that.

The team led by Chris Smith captured Judomaster, but the little boy escaped in this fourth episode to fight The Peacemaker again. At that moment, when Peacemaker had beaten him again, Judomaster comes to say something like “they are not what you think”. However, Leota Adebayo catches him off guard and shoots him in the chest before he can reveal all the information. As a cliffhanger, we see the head of the ARGUS team, Clemson Murn, revealing himself to be one of those damn Butterflies that are causing so much mystery.

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The two extraterrestrial factions that could fight for Earth

However, we have already seen that Clemon Murn’s orders and leadership were key to assassinating Senator Royland Goff and his family, who were secretly Butterflies. This means that there could be up to two different factions within these strange aliens; that is to say, that not all the extraterrestrial species share the same objective. So perhaps Amanda Waller knows the purposes of the Butterflies faction represented by Murn. A common goal to end the other faction, the one that could endanger our planet.

The faction of Butterflies that has the support of Judomaster in Peacemaker, the HBO series, he might not want to take over the world, but rather use it as a new home where he can survive. Fiction is playing a lot with “the sewers of the State” and Chris’s father was watching conspiracy shows. Until Infowars has parodied this by saying that the Butterflies are posing as liberal senators to pressure the US government into legislating to combat climate change.

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Since the protagonist himself is keeping one of the Butterflies alive, it is likely that sooner or later the truth about what is happening in the series will be revealed to us. Maybe they are not the villains we thought. Maybe there will be a new and interesting revelation about it, don’t you think?