Lips with volume and no, you don’t need to inject them

How to plump lips with makeup

The first thing you have to take into account is that you must have a lip liner nude or the same shade of lipstick you are going to use, although if you want to give it a contrast you can use a brown liner and go for a very 2000s style. Specifically, the way you line your lips is the secret to giving them more volume .

To achieve this, you must mark a line along the entire upper contour of the lips, starting right at the beginning of the cupid’s bow, marking an X towards the inside of the mouth and continuing towards the corners. Do the same on the lower lip. Once you have the contour marked (on the outside), fill in the entire interior with the same pencil to create a base, then apply the lipstick. Now if you want a velvety finish you can use some powder eyeshadow in the same color.

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If giving volume is not a problem and, on the contrary, what you want to do is decrease the thickness, instead of doing the outline on the outside, you should do it all over the inside of the lips.

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