Instagram will put a subscription system for content creators

The Internet has given work to many people who already receive their income for the time they spend creating content. Others are models and campaign for brands, putting their legions of followers at their service. But this all may change, especially on Instagram, where work is already being done on it.The implementation of a subscription system for users.

A new source of income on Instagram

Those who live on the Internet do so thanks to the fact that the platforms where they carry out their activity pay them due to their high number of followers and that allow them to place different advertisements with which to earn money. That’s not to mention the collaborations with the brands that they can have when it’s time, whose terms are already negotiated between both parties.

But on Instagram they have taken note of rival social networks and will soon take a turn towards subscriptions. This new system will allow users of the social network to Meta enter the profile of your favorite profiles and find a new button that invites you to subscribe. It is a feature in which the content creator will receive an amount from their followers.

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These will enjoy advantages over those who do not pay, although there will also be levels depending on the amount they contribute. This can be from one euro to 100 euros approximately and from everything raised Instagram will not take absolutely anything, at least until 2023 according to what counts TechCrunch. Data regarding this measure will be known later, but for now there are only a few chosen ones who have access to this functionality.

More benefits for paying users

As we told you before, being subscribed to an Instagram profile has its advantages for users. While free users will only see part of the content generated by the creator, those who have paid will have access to exclusive content that the creator decides. They can be Stories, for example, but that is at the expense of the person who creates everything you see. There will also be emblems, something that could differentiate users who pay more than those who pay less.

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This is already happening on some social networks and video platforms such as Twitch, where content creators can decide if their followers can enter a Discord channel, use certain emotes or badges.