“I hope you die!”: A passenger who refused to wear a mask unleashes a tense discussion in the Madrid metro (VIDEO)

A passenger on the Madrid metro (Spain) who was traveling without a mask caused a tense discussion in a carriage by refusing to wear it despite the fact that several passengers explained to him that it was mandatory.

A video shared on social networks shows the moment in which a woman argues with the man and tries to make him see the risks of not wearing a mask, both for him and for other people.

You are putting yourself in danger of contagion“, warns the woman, to which the man replies: “Ah, that’s your opinion”, causing the discussion to increase.

“You’re a provocateur!” The very nervous woman yelled at him, seeing that the subject steadfastly refused to cover his nose and mouth.

After that, more passengers intervened asking him to put on the mask or otherwise to leave, since if they catch him they will kick him out at that time. “Get off the subway, don’t bother peopleanother person exclaimed.

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However, the situation became more tense and escalated in the face of the man’s repeated refusals to abide by the preventive measures against covid-19, referring to himself as a god.

“Well, God, get off, and leave us fools here all together,” the woman rebukes, again suggesting that he leave the car. “Perfect, I hope you die“, answers the man as he finally prepares to leave the train.