Carolina Ramírez: the waxing of the “Queen of Flow” that went wrong

Carolina Ramirez, star of “La Reina del Flow”, is one of the most internationally recognized Colombian actresses thanks to her work in different series and soap operas. At 38 years old, the interpreter from Cali has millions of followers in Colombia, Spain and various places in Latin America who follow her work and her personal life.

Her great talent for acting and her charisma have earned her the affection and respect of the public, in addition, the actress who played Yeimy Montoya is characterized by being very honest when expressing her opinion on various current issues. True to his style, he also likes to share the anecdotes he has experienced.

Among the experiences he has gone through, Carolina Ramirez He said that he underwent a waxing procedure that left him with spots on his face and great irritation. The woman from Cali was very worried and gave more details of how she ended up in that state.

Carolina Ramírez played Yeimy Montoya in "La Reina del Flow" (Photo: Carolina Ramírez/ Instagram)
Carolina Ramírez played Yeimy Montoya in “La Reina del Flow” (Photo: Carolina Ramírez/ Instagram)


Through her stories on Instagram, Carolina Ramírez said that she underwent a waxing procedure that left her face irritated. As explained by the interpreter, she used to have this cosmetic laser procedure, however since she moved to Argentina she did not find where to do it.

The protagonist of “The Queen of Flow” was concerned about the irritation on her face. “The burn that I sent myself. It turns out that hair grows on me all over this part (his neck),” Ramírez began to tell in the video.

He then explained how the cosmetic procedure was performed. “I had been getting a laser, it took many sessions, but since I arrived in Argentina I don’t know anyone who does a laser for me, and they sent me a wax depilation. Look at the irritation so daughter of… that I have now, “he added.

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According to the images, his face was not the only thing affected but also part of his neck. Waxing ended up burning those areas and damaging her skin.

Carolina Ramírez had to put a filter on the video that she uploaded because she assured that if she does not use it, the irritation and the hair that she did not manage to remove will look worse.


Carolina Ramírez decided to travel to Buenos Aires with her husband, Mariano Bacaleinik, after finishing the recordings of the second season of “La Reina del Flow”. It was in July 2021 when the Colombian artist said that she planned to move to another country with her partner, but the professional challenges of both postponed this dream for a few years.

“We have always said that we have to ‘push’ very hard in Colombia and it finally happened to us, (living in Buenos Aires), obviously, like many, the pandemic gave us that push, to organize and advance those plans of life”, explained Ramírez to the program ‘La Red’ on Caracol TV.

The interpreter of “La Reina del Flow” said that the lifestyle that her husband had together led them to improvise on the fly and do something new every day. Now that they can enjoy quality time, at home, she plans to take a break.

“One comes from a very dizzying pace and suddenly the next day ‘bang’ everything stopped, nothing more, it’s like a leap into the void, it wasn’t gradual, it was everything and nothing at the same time. It has also been delicious to be able to say that I have nothing to do the next day. Having breakfast and doing nothing is a very nice little gift, I don’t know if for so long, but for now, yes, “he added.

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