Joe Biden’s (disastrous) first year in the White House

Team up Hollywood stars like Jennifer Garner, with whom he promotes vaccinations in adolescents, has earned a good image for the president’s wife, in contrast to Kamala Harrys, who despite being the first woman to hold the position (and the first person of color), has not managed to maintain the good numbers that she reported at the beginning of her term as vice president.

Biden’s problems and controversies did not begin with his arrival at the White House, they even date back several years, long before his presidential campaign. Tara Reade, a woman with whom the now president worked more than 30 years ago, says he sexually abused her in 1993.

Michelle Obama y Jill Biden
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Contrary to her husband, Jill enjoys great popularity, almost as great as that of her predecessor.

As if that were not enough, his detractors, among whom is the former president Donald Trump, they do not hesitate to remind him of controversies such as the alleged nepotism in international business in which he has been involved Hunter Biden, his second son, in addition to an embarrassing scandal for plagiarism of speeches and university papers.

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