Instagram announces Remix feature for all videos

In Meta they are working on many fronts at the same time, which shows how multifaceted it is. It is true that it has many divisions and if we talk to you about WhatsApp or Instagram, you will surely agree that they are applications that almost all users have on their device. But this time we are going to focus on the photo app where now you will have more options to edit your videos with the Remix option on Instagram.

Instagram Expands Remix Beyond Reels

In recent months, Instagram has been filled with short videos that remain on the social network forever and that anyone can consult from your profile. These are the Reels, Meta’s response to the force with which TikTok has broken into the social media market. The company has taken great care of this function in order to make it attractive to users.

The fact is that the firm has become aware of the progression and the route that video files have within the social network and the latest changes have been directed to this section and now they have opted to pass the Remix function to all of the signature video features. Users have given a clear answer with what they like to remix their media files.

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How to use the Remix function

Now it will be possible to remix each and every one of the videos you have in order to create new files. Then you can publish them on the social network as a new file and wait for that new creation to receive likes and comments. To use it you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose a public Instagram video

  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner

  3. Select Remix this video

  4. Record your answer or upload it from the gallery

  5. It will be visible anywhere you share Reels

The other function has to do with the programming of live events. Now users can anticipate this feature so their audience is ready for when the event starts which, by the way, they can sponsor. This feature is available to use starting today.