Rebeca Escribans after Greg Michel’s accusation of Sebastián: “I want to doubt it”

Sebastian Lizarzaburu He is in the midst of controversy after his friend Greg Michel accused him of having kept the money that was donated to him for his operations and medical expenses after the accident he suffered in Tarapoto last year.

In the recent broadcast of “More Shows”, Rebeca Escribans took a few minutes to comment on the subject.

“I don’t think so, I want to doubt that. He was with him unconditionally from day one of the accident. I want to doubt it, because I don’t know, we don’t have a greater scope of information, because there would be another third person who would have handled those funds”, Rebecca commented.

“I remember that Sebastián published on his social networks that please help Greg. I mean, it seems very strange to me, really.” added Ximena Dávila, who was also hosting “More Shows.”

After Greg’s accusations, Sebastián Lizarzaburu came out to defend himself and deny what the model said. With receipts in hand, Andrea San Martín’s partner demonstrated all the money transfers that he received in his bank account as part of the collection.

“How would it be possible to pay a bill of 15,600 soles from Tarapoto, plus everything I managed for his transfer and the expenses I paid here for medicines, for food? Money that I gave him in his personal account, it would be impossible for me to have kept his money”, manifested in the program “Amor y Fuego”.

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