Samsung Galaxy A23, filtered the characteristics of its cameras

The Galaxy family is one of the most loved by smartphone fans, especially if we go to the S family. But the Korean company has many other divisions that deserve attention because they respect different price ranges. This is the case of the Galaxy A family that will soon release a Galaxy A23 with a 50 MPX camera according to the first leaks.

Galaxy A23 camera features appear

Every user of a smartphone is concerned about having a camera that meets their needs. It’s not that every owner of this device is an expert photographer, but it is true that you expect to have a device capable of taking good photos to share with the rest of your contacts. and maybe many find in the Galaxy A23 a terminal that meets their needs.

This series is below the Galaxy S, but that does not mean that its features are not enough in its price range. But let’s move on to the important thing, which is the leak of the new Galaxy A23 camera. The truth is that we are talking about a phone that, according to what it says PhoneArena, you will havein the 50 + 5 + 2 + 2 MPX configuration, which are distributed in the main camera, the wide angle, the macro and the depth sensor.

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We have to remember that the A22 that arrived last year brought us a 48 MPX main camera, a very classic measure for most mid-range terminals that operate in the same market as the device. We would also talk about a 5G device, prepared for the latest connections of the moment and the future that awaits us in the field of telephony.

Launch prepared for the month of April

Another fact that the medium has dropped is the launch date of the Galaxy A23. This would be scheduled for next April of this year, although for the 5G model we would have to wait a little longer. would be until next July 2022 chen we would see this terminal already on the market. What is still unknown is the price of this device. We will have to wait to find out this important detail for many to bet on this mobile that, from what we already know, will adapt to all pockets.