The story of the lucky man who went to buy food and returned with 300 thousand dollars

Despite being very hungry, a man from South Carolina, in the United States, decided to buy a lottery ticket before leaving to form a long line at a fast food restaurant to satisfy his appetite. He never imagined that this decision would change his life forever.

Once the man began to make the long line of vehicles, eager to get to the front to order food, decided to take advantage of the time scratching the ticket that he had just bought minutes before, according to the organizers of the lottery of South Carolina Education Lottery.

Suddenly, among the calm of all the people waiting to buy food, the man was stunned while checking several times what he had just won. “I had to make sure my heart was still working”, He said. “I had to make sure and check it twice and triple”, he added.

He left everything and went to collect

When he reacted, the lucky man completely forgot about his hunger and left the drive-thru line to go immediately to the offices of the South Carolina State Lottery and collect the $300,000 he had just won in the game called US$300.000 Money Match.

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When interviewed by the State Lottery about what he would do with the money, the lucky man did not hesitate to say that he would invest it in the best way: “I will retire”, He said.

The player beat the odds of 1 in 900,000. The establishment where the winning lottery ticket was sold you will also receive a commission of US $ 3,000.