Capitol attack: House committee asks Ivanka Trump to testify

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former American president, was invited this Thursday to testify before the parliamentary committee which seeks to shed light on the role of Donald Trump in the attack on the Capitol. This is the first time a member of the Trump family has been asked directly to cooperate with the investigation into the events of January 6, 2021.

In a letter addressed to the one who was a close adviser to the Republican billionaire when he was in the White House, the elected Bennie Thompson, head of the commission, offers him “a meeting on February 3 or 4” . “The commission wishes to discuss any conversations that you may have witnessed or in which you may have participated regarding the president’s plan to obstruct or prevent the counting of the votes of the electors”, details Bennie Thompson in the letter.

This group, made up mainly of elected Democrats, seeks to establish the responsibility of Donald Trump and his entourage in the assault on the seat of Congress by several hundred of his supporters, when the elected officials certified the victory of his rival Joe Biden in the presidential. Others close to Donald Trump, such as his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, have already been targeted by subpoenas. But faithful to the injunctions of the former president, who describes the commission as “partisan”, they refused to cooperate.

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Despite everything, the commission advances at a forced march. She said she had already heard from nearly 400 witnesses. There is in fact urgency: she wishes at all costs to publish her conclusions before the mid-term elections, in November 2022. If the Democrats lose control of the Chamber during the ballot, it risks being dissolved by the republicans.