Meta will use eye and face tracking to improve advertising in the metaverse

Meta continues its expedition to bring the metaverse to the people as soon as possible. Since its announcement, the company’s intentions were clear, which wants its users to have a much more immersive Internet experience than what a computer provides. This may be the future of the Internet, but the Menlo Park company is already working on a way to include eye and face tracking in its advertising space.

New Meta Patents to Improve Eye and Face Tracking

It is a fact that the different companies in the world of technology have gone through a transition process to put the user more at the center of the use of their devices. For many it is a fact to interact with an application with your hands thanks to the use of virtual reality glasses and a pair of controls. We have also seen progress in augmented reality, where the digital and the real plane meet and can be interacted with.

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But in Meta they want to take the next step and it is the arrival of the metaverse, a space in which immersion in the digital world is the key. The firm works hard so that this technology arrives as soon as possible, but for that you have to work a lot. The fact is that the company’s engineers are on the way and they show it a few new Meta patents to improve the experience in the metaverse.

The papers found Financial Times they show the ideas that the company has to track all the biometric information of the users. And when we say everything, it means ‘almost’ everything, but enough to know by your face if something has caught your attention or by your eyes if something has seemed interesting to you. this will be possible with eye and face tracking technology, but there is still more like a magnetic sensor that is placed on the chest and an AI that is capable of recreating textures of skin through the study of a photograph.

More ad-targeted data

He is known for all the interests he has Goal to make a profit through advertising. And this is a very good opportunity to ‘get to know’ the users who use your service even more. And it is that eye tracking, for example, could help place better relevant ads for your users or even know which ones have a greater or lesser impact due to gestures, something that until now they were unable to measure beyond the interaction of user and a simple click.

ojo meta

More devices to ‘feel’ virtual elements

As you can see, Meta is working hard to include biometric recognition of users interacting within the metaverse. Facial recognition and eye tracking can be key for the signature as well, not only to improve the user experience, but also for the use of advertising within this space.

But let’s remember that these types of devices are not the only ones that the firm will have to interact in the digital universe. In November of last year we already saw a glove that brought you the sensation of touching virtual reality. The sensation seems to be interesting and the best thing is that it works with the objects that are in the digital space and the users that interact with you on this plane.