After the CSA’s decision, Éric Zemmour will no longer be broadcasting on CNews

Eric Zemmour, whose speaking time in the audiovisual media is now deducted by decision of the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), will no longer be able to “continue the show“of which he was a columnist on CNews, the channel announced Monday in a press release about” Face à l’Info “, the daily program hosted by Christine Kelly.

“Although Eric Zemmour has not declared himself a candidate for the presidential election which will take place in 7 months, the CSA” forced Cnews to make this decision, regretting the Canal + group’s news channel.

Eric Zemmour’s speeches on “the national political debate” will therefore be the subject of a count, according to the decision published last Wednesday by the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA), which now considers Eric Zemmour as a political figure.

The columnist appeared on the air Thursday in his show “Face à l’Info” to denounce this choice. “The policies are so cowardly that they hide behind the so-called independent CSA, which is absolutely not independent and which is subject to all the pressures, from people of En Marche, the government and Emmanuel Macron”, he lamented.

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The explanations of the CSA

Monday evening, the president of the CSA, Roch-Olivier Maistre returned to the decision taken by the news channel of the Canal + group. He recalled the principles of counting the speaking time of contenders for the Élysée, but not only. On RTL, Roch-Olivier Maistre explains that “one of the first missions that the law entrusts to the CSA, it is to ensure that the speaking times are respected for the personalities who participate in our national political life”, a mission carried out with the media during the election period, but also outside the election period, on a quarterly basis.

“This applies to all the personalities who contribute to national political life, including the President of the Republic. (…) When he takes part in the national debate, his speaking time is also counted”, indicates Roch-Olivier Maistre.

The channels, radio and television, are completely free to invite the personalities of their choice– Roch-Olivier Maistre, the president of the CSA

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For the case of Eric Zemmour, if the CSA “does not count journalists and editorial writers”, on the other hand, he does it for “all those who take an active role in national political life”, explains Mr. Maistre. “It is one thing to comment on political life, it is another to enter into an electoral campaign logic and to engage explicitly even if it is sometimes allusively in national politics.”

On RTL, the head of the French public authority for audiovisual regulation underlines that before Éric Zemmour, other actors in political life, who had not yet declared their Elysian intentions, were already the subject of ‘a count of speaking time. This is the case of Arnaud Montebourg (declared since last week, but counted before the summer), Anne Hidalgo (who started on Sunday) or even Nicolas Hulot.

However, the fact that a speaker has his speaking time recorded, “in no way prohibits these personalities from expressing themselves in the media. The channels, radio and television, are completely free to invite the personalities of their choice, says Mr. Maistre. The Council never intervenes in the programming of a channel, our role is to ensure the fairness of the democratic debate and that is what the CSA did last week “.

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