“The worst experience of my life!” : Karima shocked by her elimination from “Koh-Lanta”

She still hasn’t digested. It is a bitter Karima who confided in us her disappointment after her premature departure from “Koh-Lanta: the legend”. Tuesday evening, she was beaten by Maxime and Ugo in the arena of the island of the banished and will not find the rivals who had eliminated her during the council. Very upset, the soldier does not accept either the editing that was made of his adventure by the production of the TF1 adventure game.

Karima, you felt very affected by your elimination after the ordeal on the Isle of the Outcast. Is it still a big disappointment?

It’s a disappointment, yes. When we redo “Koh-Lanta”, it is to go further than the first time.

Before leaving, you say that you have no room for mistakes. Are you talking about Koh-Lanta or everyday life?

From everyday life. It’s the result of a lot of things: I’ve always forbidden myself to make mistakes, even though I know it’s part of life. Everything I do, I do with passion. In my head there is always this quote: “aim for excellence to be average and not average to be insufficient”.

Is this vision of life something that comes from your education?

Let’s say our roads are not plotted in advance. I learned that in life, it is by working hard that you get what you want. And that to achieve our goals, we sometimes need to be patient, no matter how difficult it is to achieve them.

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I gave myself up, I told personal things, even if we did not see the images. I do not really see where is the aggressiveness that I am accused of– Karima

Do you think that this determination could have scared the other candidates, and in particular the girls who eliminated you from the council?

I think it’s a lack of maturity on the part of some girls. Because I got along very well with Jade, with Christelle, with Coumba. I don’t think I scared 100% of the candidates. But some have a form of fragility when you talk to them. And to oppose my attitude, it is perhaps a way of eliminating a competitor. But it’s a bit easy to catalog people who have a job like mine, a job that exudes something a little “strict”. You know I wanted to redo this Koh-Lanta by opening myself up a little more, which I did not do during my first adventure. I gave myself up, I told personal things, even if we did not see the images. I do not really see where is the aggressiveness that I am criticized for. You will see it by talking to Jade or Christelle: I have never been so open as in this “Koh-Lanta”.

Opening up is commendable. But don’t you have to be a bit playful, charming or even manipulative to move forward in “Koh-Lanta”?

You sum it up well. But I can’t seem to be like that. And then when we are selected in this adventure, it is to be what we are. But I do not see myself stroking people in the direction of the hair. On the contrary. I talk to people because I love the human being, because I love to share things. I am not an actress. And if I was moved, it was when I heard some people say: “I’m afraid of your character.” But you don’t know me! I didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything against the others. I feel like I see threads that don’t come together How could I have come to that? I don’t understand.

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On Twitter, you posted a video criticizing the editing of the show. You reproach him for not having kept moments that would have given a more smiling image of your adventure, is that right?

I shared so many unforgettable things during this “Koh-Lanta”. When I returned to France, I spoke about it with my husband. Ok, some weren’t very cool, but I also had some amazing moments, with some girls or with Ugo on the island of the banished. I’m not the one who pulls the face every time! It’s wrong. The images are not invented, of course there were tense sequences. But I was not tense! And I would also have liked to share the positive with my relatives, with my daughter… I am not someone bitter. I am always laughing. But I was a little surprised because I didn’t recognize myself.

Are you still happy to have done this “Koh-Lanta”?

We are always happy to have been selected among hundreds of adventurers for the 20 years of this show. Now I won’t hide from you that it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Leaving so early hurts. I would have liked to share this season with some extraordinary adventurers, for men and women. I have a feeling of incomplete.

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Doing a “Koh-Lanta” again, could that lessen the disappointment? Or do you exclude it out of hand?

Sincerely, I do not know. I tell myself that in life, you shouldn’t be too greedy. I had two adventures, they are not the same. These are life experiences and I prefer to be positive like that. But I admit that seeing these images again hurts. When I see social networks, it also hurts even though there are also a lot of people who support me. I’m not going to do my Calimero, but I feel like I’m misunderstood.

Are you still going to see it through to the end?

Of course I will watch to the end! There are extraordinary adventurers in this season and I am not boycotting this Koh-Lanta, no. Because I’m still honored to have been part of it.

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