VIDEO – “The Voice All Stars”: Vincent Vinel and his cover of “Despacito” do not convince the jury

An astonishing choice which perhaps made the jury and the whole team dance backstage, but which did not sufficiently convince the jurors. “We are very far from what you presented to us!”, reacted Zazie by discovering the identity of the young man. “So there! How are you? When did you learn Spanish?”, asked his former coach, Mika. “Here”, had fun the talent who has come a long way since his first participation in the program.

“You are a chameleon, it is your greatest strength, but it is also a trap– Mika

“You are very creative, but there you presented yourself in such a way that I did not recognize you”, confessed Mika. “You are a chameleon. You know very well how to change your voice, it is your greatest strength, but it is also a trap”, estimated the coach. “We did not look back because there are small imperfections and we are in the All Stars. We say to ourselves that we need concrete talents”, launched Florent Pagny. Not resentful, Vincent Vinel sang Happy Birthday on the show, surrounded by coaches. “You should have done this one!”, Zazie teased.

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