Snapchat updates its app to prevent adults from contacting minors

We live in a more connected world than ever, where Internet access is not limited at all, which can be a problem for the youngest. And it is that there are many adolescents who have a telephone with an Internet connection, in which of course they install all kinds of social networks such as Snapchat.

This is a serious problem at younger ages, since they are exposed to different kinds of dangers. It is because of that There are social networks that have been introducing certain functions in their application in order to protect these young people.

We have an example in one of the most popular, Instagram, which not long ago added a new function that allowed parents to set limits on time of use, in addition to helping young people take a break from using the network. Social. Well now another popular application follows in its footsteps adding a new tool to protect young people between 13 and 17 years old.

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The arrival of Quick Add to Snapchat


SnapchatNew feature on Snapchat

Snapchat has made an announcement through his official blog Some changes to the app are coming soon to protect teens from bullying, strangers, and drugs. This new tool has been called Quick Add.

Hereinafter, Snapchat users between the ages of 13 and 17 will not receive friend suggestions to other people, but this will depend on there being a certain number of friends in common.

In the announcement published on the official blog you can read the following: “We recently added a new safeguard to Quick Add, our friend suggestion feature, to further protect 13-17 year olds. In order to be discovered on Quick Add by another person, users under the age of 18 will need to have a certain number of mutual friends with that person – further ensuring that it is a friend they know in real life.”

A serious problem that occurs in social networks is the ease with which drugs can be accessed, regardless of age. Snapchat received significant complaints and demands to reinforce its application in the fight against drugs, since in the last two years, 8 minors lost their lives due to drug overdoses, which it seems that they allegedly acquired through the use of Snapchat.

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This was what Snapchat wrote: “88% of the drug-related content we discover is now proactively detected by our machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, and the rest is reported by our community. This is a 33% increase from our previous update. When we discover drug trafficking activity, we quickly ban the account, use technology to block the offender from creating new Snapchat accounts, and in some cases proactively refer the account to law enforcement for investigation.”

Y Snapchat does not stop here, it is also working on new parental control features so that they can keep track of activities carried out by their children within the social network. As they have revealed, there are only a few months left for these new functions to be launched, since they have been working on them since last fall.

“In the coming months, we’ll share more details about the new parenting tools we’re developing, with the goal of giving parents more insight into who their teens are talking to on Snapchat, while still respecting their privacy.”

In addition to all these Snapchat features to further protect young people, the application has also introduced others for the amusement of its users. These have been Bitmoji Reactions, Chat Replies, Survey Stickers, and an improved call interface.

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Undoubtedly, excellent news for younger users, who will be able touse Snapchat more securely.