Literary start: benevolence, central theme of children’s books

In her bookstore specializing in children’s literature, Tiphaine Sadoun organizes her shelves, trying to combine the new arrivals with the requests of her young readers. For this literary re-entry, if manga and books on magic are still in great demand, a theme often comes up among the outings: benevolence.

“You have to wonder if your neighbor is okay today”, explains the bookseller. A quality that the authors seek to transmit to their readers through heroes and heroines with whom they could identify.

“I think a lot about the child that I was”

This is the case of the writer and screenwriter Antoine Dole, better known under the pseudonym of Mr. Tan, for his series Mortal Adele. This year, he released a new album whose heroine is Kate Moche. Through his story, the writer tries to encourage the youngest to accept the differences.

“I really like to write about characters that are a little different, a little outside the norm, that’s what interests me and it’s also the child that I have been”, assures Antoine Dole in the video at the top of this article, adding, “I think a lot about the child that I was, the speech I would have liked to hear, the strength that I would have liked to receive and I find that the heroes are really there for that.”

It is also by creating endearing characters for readers that publishing houses seek to perpetuate this practice among the youngest. “When the cover hangs sufficiently and we enjoy entering the book and no longer wanting to leave it, that means that it’s a good book and that means that we have succeeded, that makes children want to read others “, underlines Isabelle Péhourticq, editorial director at Acte Sud Junior editions.

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A bet that stands out as a winner since the youth edition is doing well. Last year, nearly 70 million books were sold.

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