Hailee Steinfeld reveals whether or not Thanos killed Kate Bishop

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Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld has revealed whether or not Kate Bishop died from Thanos’ snap at Marvel

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, as surely all of you will remember, Thanos snapped the Infinity Gauntlet and made half of the universal population disappear. Five years later, the heroes who survived the genocide undid the wrong of the mad titan and allowed the “dead” to return. That space of time of five years has been denominated as «Lapse» in the MCU Phase 4. Since then, every time a new character appears in Marvel Studios we fans are wondering whether or not he survived the snap. And now Hailee Steinfeld has revealed the fate of his character in the series Hawk Eye, the wonderful Kate Bishop.

Except for the opening sequence of Hawk Eye, in which a young Kate fell “in love” with Clint Barton during the Battle of New York, we do not know anything else about the character’s life before the events of the series of Disney Plus. Luckily, the actress has spoken (via Cinemablend) and has explained whether or not he survived the powerful snap of the great villain. «He didn’t die in the snap«, replied the Hollywood star. «I think we see her survive and we also see all the losses that take place, but that didn’t happen to her.«.

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A theory that was already circulating on the Internet and is now confirmed

This kind of lines up with episode 2 of Hawk Eye. In this chapter, Kate Bishop tells Clint Barton that she is 22 years old. If we take into account that the executive producer of Marvel Studios, Rhys Thomas, confirmed that the series was set in 2024, just one year after Avengers: Endgame, the Battle of New York took place in 2012 and Kate was about 10 years old then… That means that if she had disappeared with the snap in 2018 she would only have been 17 during Hawk Eye!

In addition, Hailee Steinfeld’s statement suggests that a scene could have been filmed in which we saw her character surviving the “lapse”. Unfortunately, that moment was never shown on Hawk Eye. And since Marvel Studios hasn’t released any deleted scenes from the series, we may never see it. Be that as it may, it’s interesting to know that Kate Bishop survived Thanos’ snap.

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