Pixel Notepad, will this be the name of Google’s folding mobile?

The names of smartphones are something important for manufacturers. At first they are simple serial numbers or code names and until they reach the market nothing is fixed. Until then, everything is nomenclature and for this reason there may be a change in what until now was Google’s Pixel Fold. We tell you what is possible new name of the folding mobile from the Mountain View firm.

The new name of the Google Pixel Fold

Google has one of the most interesting devices on the market, especially now that the company has launched its own chip. Tensor already has its first version underway and this year we could see a new terminal with a new batch chip. But this is something to be expected anyway, but we may see some interesting surprises this year.

That surprise may be the long-awaited folding terminal, a device with which to enter a new market in which more and more manufacturers are entering. There is still a lot to know about the company’s plans for this segment, but the truth is that there are changes that remain unknown until the day of the device’s presentation.

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And it is that we are not only talking about what will be the processor and the RAM that it carries inside, the size of the battery or the construction of the folding screen that it will have. The name is one of the things that also matter and this is where 9to5Google has shed some light on a change which would go from being the Pixel Fold to the Pixel Notepad. It is not that it is a very important change, but it does stand out from the nomenclature that is already common in these mobiles after what was seen from the house of Samsung, which is the great veteran.

Lower price than the rest

The other thing that is striking, according to what the media reports, is that the Pixel Notepad will have a lower price than might be expected. And it is that the amount is still four figures, but everything indicates that it would cost around 1,700 euros. Of course, it is still a very high number, but in this segment it is somewhat cheaper than what we are used to seeing. We will have to wait for the company to provide more data or for there to be more leaks that shed a little more light on this terminal.