The theaters do not fill up

Tuesday evening, at the Coliseum in Roubaix, it is the resumption of the season with the spectacle of François Morel. In the hall, the spectators crowd, a priori everything is fine. However, the director is worried, because there are 30% to 40% less attendance, especially among subscribers. After the closures and lockdowns, it is believed that many people have just lost the habit of coming.

At Vivat d’Armentières, a subsidized theater, we can see another phenomenon. Spectators no longer buy their seats in advance, as in previous years. “People make a very short-term commitment”, explains Stéphane Frimat, director. For fear of health measures or loss of habit, it is still the case that theaters such as cinemas are no longer assisted by the State. So culture needs the public more than ever to set off again.

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