The actor who plays Thomas Wayne in The Batman is filtered

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One of the great unknowns of The Batman, the figure of Thomas Wayne, has just been leaked on the Internet. We already have the chosen actor!

We still don’t really know all the plans he’s made Matt Reeves for The Batmansurely the movie DC Comics most anticipated of recent times. We have all assumed that the filmmaker is going to retell us the origin story of Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), although we do not know how it will carry it out. Almost all the audiovisual authors have taken the character and given him “a spin” in that sense, so it would not be surprising if we had some surprises.

And now, thanks to the visual quickness of a guy named @WayneG1939 in social networks, we have discovered that the actor who will play Thomas Wayne, father of Bat Manwill be the actor Luke Roberts.

The British actor regularly participated in the drama series Holby City for fourteen years. We have also seen it in series like Black Sails, Game of Thrones or the acclaimed Band of Brothers. As you can see in the image that precedes this paragraph, Luke Roberts prepared his role as Thomas Wayne in The Batman reading the comic “Sins of the father”.

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What role will the Wayne family have in this movie?

With Enigma apparently posing a face-to-face confrontation with Bruce Wayne because of the corruption that plagues Gotham City, all bets revolve around the possible link of Thomas and Martha Wayne with gangster characters like Carmine Falcone Y Oswald Cobblepot (Pingüino). We’ve seen this happen before in the comics, so we’re going to bet the parents of the Crusader of the Cloak will appear (most likely) through flashbacks in The Batman.

What do you think about it?