“The hardest choice of my life”: Uma Thurman reveals she had an abortion when she was a teenager

It is a very personal forum. Actress Uma Thurman told the Washington Post that she had an abortion while she was a teenager. “It’s my darkest secret”, admitted the star of Kill Bill who decided to speak out to denounce the very controversial law in Texas which decided to prohibit pregnant women from aborting once the embryo’s heartbeat is detected. Or around six weeks pregnant when most of them don’t know they are pregnant. The federal government has filed a complaint in an attempt to have this law overturned.

“You might not be interested in an actress’ opinions, but given this new outrage, I think it’s my responsibility to put myself in their shoes,” begins the 51-year-old actress. “I started my career at 15, working in an environment where I was often the only child in the room. In my late teens, I was accidentally made pregnant by a much older man. lived in Europe, far from my family, I was going to start a new job. I didn’t know what to do “, she recalls.

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Choosing not to continue this early pregnancy allowed me to grow up and become the mother I wanted and then had to become.– One Thurman

Unable to provide a stable environment for a child, she decides with her parents to have an abortion. “I was heartbroken”, she admits. It was in Germany, in Cologne, that she experienced this trauma and this “terrible pain “. “I was so ashamed of me that I felt I deserved this pain”, admits Uma Thurman who was very touched by the kindness and humanity of the doctor who performed the procedure.

“The abortion I had as a teenager was the most difficult decision of my life, a decision that left me with anguish and sadness, even today, but I had to go through this to have the happy, loving life that I lived next. Choosing not to continue this early pregnancy allowed me to grow up and become the mother I wanted and then had to become ” , admits mom of Maya, 23, Levon Roan, 19, and Luna, 9, who are “his pride and his happiness”.

“To all of you – the women and girls of Texas, who fear being traumatized and stalked by predatory bounty hunters; to all the women outraged at having our body rights confiscated by the state; and to all of you who are vulnerable and prone to shame because you have a uterus – I say: ‘I see you. Have courage. You are beautiful. You remind me of my girls’, concluded the star.

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