Google Keep not working on your Android 12 phone? You’re not alone

In 2013, the note-taking application was launched, which is still the most popular today, Google Keep. This can boast of having a figure of more than one billion installations by users from all over the world.

And the truth is that Google Keep is one of the best note-taking tools since it offers performance beyond any doubt, in addition to being able to access information from any device associated with the Google account used.

But an error has just appeared in this one that is spoiling the good user experience it has offered over all these years. This error mainly occurs when using bulleted and numbered lists.

Google Keep does not work well on Android 12

Complaints from Internet users began to arrive last November 2021 but to date they have not been solved, as you will see in one of the messages published:

I have an auto numbered list on my Android phone (Samsung S21+) and when I try to add items or browse the list, it adds more numbers to the items above. I’ve done this with much longer lists, no problem, but now it happens on any new list I originate. Any ideas? On my PC, the synchronized note works fine. I can see multiple numbers, but it works normally on PC. Thanks”, said a member of the Community.

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Definitely, the bug that is causing problems for users is that the numbers in the lists are repeated, and when you open a bullet list, the cursor jumps while typing. To this we add the fact that it is a problem that only Samsung phones with Android 12 and the Android version of the app are experiencing. Other phones where this Google Keep error has also been seen are the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21, all of them with Android 12.

From Google they have confirmed the existence of the problem, and they have explained that the Google Keep application team is investigating where this error comes from. Now we can only wait for their solution, since they have not given any way to avoid it. So, the only thing you need to do is to be patient until this problem is fixed as soon as possible.