WhatsApp already works on reactions to messages

Meta continues tirelessly to track progress on your apps. Of course, it does not ignore WhatsApp, where it continues to pay close attention to what its users do in order to offer an increasingly complete service and, above all, similar to the one it brings to other applications of the firm. And it is possible that very soon we will see improvements such as the new reactions to the messages that will arrive on WhatsApp.

Meta will bring reactions to WhatsApp

It seems that the developers have found a way to interact much faster with the messages that are received. The first social networks have shown how simple it is to simply respond to a publication with something as simple as a Like, but over time it has been seen that this is not enough for users.

We have the clearest case in Menlo Park, where they want even WhatsApp to have its own reactions to the messages you send. This was found in WABetaInfowhere have they found in iOS test version a function that refers to allowing notifications within the reactions section. Specifically it will be in the version where in theory this function will arrive.

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From what is said, it is simply a feature that is included in the settings, but there is no further evidence of how they are or are seen in the messages you send. This could come in the not too distant future, where we could see new features to simply answer a message and not stay in the blue double check.

What seems clear is that at the level of notifications it will be treated as one more message, so the user will receive a notice like the usual ones every time they send a message in a group.