Samsung could leave us a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a notch

The Galaxy series is not exclusively reserved for smartphones. Tablets are the other great exponent of the Korean company and they have shown that they are capable of doing it very well. In fact, they are capable of rivaling the product with the bitten apple when it comes to features, and this year may be more important than ever in this regard. It turns out that information has been leaked about the arrival of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with built-in notch.

New details of the Tab S8 family

We have already become accustomed to receiving several terminals from the same family during the year in different technological segments. And we are not only talking about televisions, where the inches are what sometimes differentiate one model from another. We focus on the case of Samsung, where more details of the Galaxy Tab S8 family have been revealed today. There is still time for the company to produce its devices, although this does not mean that we do not have new information about these models.

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The most interesting thing we have learned about this division is that the company is considering the possibility of including a model Larger Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 ‘Ultra’. According to what counts Winfuture, a device of 14.6 inches on your screen. But what stands out the most is the possibility of having a notch in this section, something that the rest of the devices in the family lacked.

Of course, this would increase the size of the apparatus, which would mount a panel AMOLED of 2960 x 1848 px in its resolution Y 120 Hz in its refresh rate. It would bring two cameras with which to take images and record video as well as a Snapdragon chip inside. The possibility of having 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of space storage. It would also be accompanied by a battery of nothing less than 11.200 mAh.

Of course, the terminal is also expected to come in two versions that, as is tradition, are divided into WiFi and mobile. This will also be decisive in choosing the price of the device, an amount that can easily reach 1,000 euros from the version with WiFi and that could increase depending on the internal space in case the Korean house decides to give different options.