This could be the price of Apple’s virtual reality headset

The Apple augmented and virtual reality headset it is one of the most anticipated gadgets but it gets delayed again and again. Now comes a new report on what could be the price of the new device from the company with the bitten apple.

In this new Apple Insider report, it is stated that due to the expensive development and components of the Apple AR device, its price will be really high. Until the appearance of this, the rumors they bet on a price that was between 1,000 and 3,000 dollars, and everything indicates that Apple would bet on the highest price in this range when the augmented reality helmet goes on sale.

Apple’s augmented reality headset won’t be exactly cheap

Although the first thing is to see what will be the launch date of Apple’s new AR helmet. To date, rumors indicated that the device could arrive at the end of 2022, but in another new report they assure that it will be delayed until 2023.

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Apple VR GlassesApple VR Glasses

other informant Note that Apple has been debating the price for its new AR device, and they are “above $2,000”. The fact that Apple charges extra for its hardware is not new, although this time, it seems that the high price is due to some of the internal technologies that drive this new AR helmet.

It also states that there will be two processors, both of which are as good as the M1 Pro, along with 8K resolution display panels. In addition, it will have prescription lens options and advanced audio technology, and all this technology would be responsible for the high price of the augmented reality helmet. And it is that the elements themselves could be really expensive.

But this would not be the only factors that will influence the price, the seven years of research and internal development expenses are also an important part that would justify its price.

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As this report indicates, the processor should be as powerful as the M1 Pro as it requires advanced graphics. In the case of the M1, it uses an octa-core GPU, and the Pro has 14 or 16 GPU cores. What’s more, an augmented reality headset like this requires very fast rendering and image processing.

The informant also adds that, in his opinion regarding the data to which he has had access, This Apple virtual reality helmet will be aimed mainly at the gamer sector, and it would be a “game developers dream”. Although a second consumer model is also expected, it could be used for all kinds of situations.

This augmented reality helmet is also expected to have fun options, such as a “FaceTime-like VR experience”And Animojis. The informant also comments on the possibility that this device may be called “Apple Reality” or Apple Googles”, “Apple Vision”, “Apple Lens” and “Apple Sight/iSight.

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To date, speculation has indicated that Apple’s first AR headset will be released this year, which could happen with a presentation at the WWDC developer conference. Instead, it seems that this premiere is delayed once again. Everything indicates that Apple is discussing a delay of the launch of a few more months, for what could be that the augmented reality helmet is not officially announced until the end of this 2022 and that its launch would be in 2023.