Blue Monday, apps to overcome the saddest day of the year

There may be nothing worse than thinking about Mondays, the day that heralds the start of a new week. Many face it with optimism, thinking that it is another week with new opportunities and in which things will turn out well, but others take it with the heaviness of thinking that there are still five days left to return to the weekend. The case is that today is the saddest day of the year with the Blue Monday, which is why we are going to give you some apps to get you through the day.

Why is today Blue Monday?

Today is a hard day for many for the mere fact of being Monday, but there is a reason why it is also a sad and gray day. Today is Blue Monday a term coined in 2005 by Professor Cliff Arnall of Cardiff University. In his formula he included an operation among which he included the climatic factor, the debts carried over from Christmas, the January pay as well as the motivation and the need to do something.

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Yes, it seems that all this can be measured, and the result is that in January there is usually a blue day that falls on a Monday. In contrast, there is also a Yellow Day, which is the happiest day of the year, but we will be happy about that another day.

Apps to overcome Blue Monday

If you are sad and apathetic today you can blame the calendar. It’s not common, but as you can see blue monday exists and it can make you not want to do much today. Fortunately, technology leaves us with some answers to these problems. For this we leave you some of the websites and apps to motivate you.


Music can be very helpful to get out of a sad moment. And the fact is that there are so many ‘buenrolleras’ songs that you surely sing when you’re happy, but that can also lift you up when you’re sad. That is why we are going to recommend an app that you probably have installed, such as Spotify. If you type ‘happy’ in the search engine you will find not only songs, but also playlists with themes that lift your spirits.

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Motivation – Daily Quotes

Many put a motivating phrase or a background that calms them on their mobile wallpaper. But if we tell you that every day you can start with a phrase that motivates you and gets you ahead. That is the purpose of Motivation. It is a app that can help you overcome Blue Monday thanks to all the phrases you can receive on your mobile that will help you ‘get out of the pothole’. You can also help others by publishing those phrases thanks to the fact that you can share them in your WhatsApp states and social networks.

motivation app

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Remente is an application that will not only help you get over blue monday, It will also help you follow a healthy lifestyle. It is an app that will help you plan and not only be more productive, but also lead a healthier life and improve your well-being. It has a function in which you can see how you feel today and how to maintain or improve as well as courses to progress in your day to day.

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As you can see, being motivated is key to get over blue monday and one of the apps that can help you is Goalmap. It will help you to have a moment for yourself in the day in which to stop and meditate for a while, exercise, or think about those good things that you have left to do in the day. This way you will set goals to improve your well-being and best of all, you can follow it in your day to day to improve your habits and avoid that slump on Mondays themselves or any other day when you feel down.

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