Extreme tattoo fanatic spends nearly $120,000 to cover his entire body in ink

Remy is an extreme fan of tattoos Canada with almost his entire body covered in ink and recently made a splash on social networks by sharing his history of life with this form of body modification, which consists of temporarily or permanently altering the color of the skin by capturing a drawing, a pattern, a figure or a text.

It all started in 2001 when this now 33-year-old family man and chef got a piercing on his face in 2001 and, eight years later, he decided to get a tattoo for the first time, choosing his son’s name to immortalize it on his skin. Since then, his “romance” with the ink it did nothing but grow and spread over every inch of her dermis.

In dialogue with the British newspaper Daily Star, picked up by the portal LAD Bible, Remy revealed that to date he has spent around C$150,000 (nearly US$120,000) on this hobby between the numerous piercings and elaborate tattoos that decorate 90% of his body.

Regarding the areas of his body where it hurt him the most to get a tattoo, Remy points out that “perhaps the inside of her butt or the deeper regions of her inner thighs”, which are extremely sensitive areas. And the areas where he doesn’t have many tattoos include his face, his ears, the soles of his feet and the palms of his hands.

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Unfortunately, Remy’s extreme fanaticism for tattoos and piercings has led to him being teased for his appearance (particularly on the internet), but he says he doesn’t let it get to him. “I do not receive any bad or hateful comments from relatives or strangers in person (…) Only positive or curious comments”, he stressed.

“I only hear those things from people online (…) When that happens, I just ignore it or wish the hater/troll well, since I am mature enough to realize that what bothers him is not me, but something that they could not achieve or that bothers them in their personal life”added the tattoo fanatic.

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Asked what advice he could give to those eager to start their own tattoo adventure, Remy notes that “don’t rush too much” since the journey itself is “the funniest part”. “If they make this more like a marathon than a race, they will have a better time and have better memories”, he added.

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As well as his tattoos, Remy also has an impressive collection of piercings (shown mainly on his face), various ear expanders, piercings on both lips, cheekbones and nose (both on the bridge of the same at the height of his eyes as in the septum, the cartilage that divides the nostrils).