VIDEO – “People think I’m still 9!” : in “Stillwater”, we found Abigail Breslin from “Little Miss Sunshine”

His frenzied choreography in Little Miss Sunshine made millions of spectators cry with laughter. Abigail Breslin was just 9 years old when she landed the title role in Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, leading to an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Since then, we could see her in the fantastic comedy Welcome to Zombieland, in the TV remake of Dirty Dancing or series like Grey’s Anatomy and Scream Queens.

We find it this week on the big screen in Stillwater by Tom McCarthy where she holds her first major dramatic role at 25 years old, finally! Unrecognizable, she plays Allison Baker, an American imprisoned in Marseille after being convicted of the murder of his girlfriend. His father, played by Matt Damon, will do anything to prove his innocence.

When I went to Marseille the first time, I said to myself ‘I’ve been to Paris, I know France!’. The typical American thing without culture– Abigail Breslin

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I had never played anything other than teenage girls“, Abigail Breslin told us at the last Cannes Film Festival where the film was presented out of competition.”I also did a lot of comedies. This role was very different because I had to explore some pretty dark emotions and put aside any form of pride… makeup and ordinary comfort! I was also abroad, which made the challenge even more exciting.”

Like Matt Damon and the whole team, Abigail spent several weeks on La Canebière to soak up the scenery of the film. And she was not disappointed. “When I went there the first time, I said to myself ‘I’ve been to Paris, I know France!’. The typical American thing without culture… And then I arrived in Marseille and I was completely shocked to see how different it was. It’s not as touristy as Paris (…) It’s a bit more hip and dark, with a lot of young people who love to have fun. I found it very fun!“.

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From her debut in Little Miss Sunshine, the actress keeps only good memories. Just as she is not afraid of being associated with this cult role for life. “People automatically think I’m still 9“, she admits.”Which is partly explained by the fact that I am as small as I was at the time, in terms of size! (Laughs) But that doesn’t bother me. This film gave me a lot of opportunities and it really transformed my career. You just have to work to show that you can do different things.”

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