He comes to convey “the afrolove”: who is Tayc, the singer in the cast of “Dance with the stars”?

He accepted on one condition. “I said ‘no glitter, give me baggies and Air Force!’, smiled Tayc. “You still have to be comfortable. As a former dancer, I know that when you feel well dressed, you dance well”, underlines the singer of 25 years, in the casting of season 11 of “Dance with the stars”. “This is my mom’s favorite show. She told me if I ever took part in it, she would be happy to laugh at me. I’m here mainly so that she doesn’t.”, he laughs.

Tayc pour “Take all you can”

It is to his mother that the artist, Julien Bouadjie in civil status, also owes his stage name: Tayc – pronounce Taïk or Taykee – are the initials of “Take all you can”, “take all you can”. A mantra he applied from the release of his first sounds on his YouTube channel, where he is now followed by more than 1.34 million people. His clips have accumulated more than 465 million views. They are more than 3 million to listen to it each month on Spotify. His single “Le Temps” was even the most streamed in 24 hours on the platform upon its release, beating the rappers SCH and Booba. Enough to make him one of the most popular current singers among the youngest.

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“When I win Mum, you’ll sleep with the trophy for a whole week!”– Tayc

Spotted by Barack Adama, founding member of the Assault Section with Gims, Tayc “vehicle afrolove” in music by mixing the romance of R&B with African sounds. He appeared last year among the French-speaking revelations nominated at the NRJ Music Awards, where viewers were able to admire his sway. Except that “Dancing with the stars” promises to be a totally different experience in terms of choreography. “It will be difficult for me too. I will have to remove this Afro posture which is more flexible than that of ballroom dancing”, comments the one who fears the fox-trot.

Tayc explains that he was reluctant to agree to join the TF1 dance competition. “It is not easy to find yourself confronted with notes. But afterwards, you tell yourself that there are a lot of things to be grasped in terms of career, in terms of learning and in terms of personal. It requires surpassing oneself “, he says. “We will be watched by millions of people. It may be the only time in my life that I will have such a platform.”, he insists.

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Singer Keen’V, who was also a candidate for “Dancing with the Stars”, told him to “stay focused and give the best of yourself”. “Quite impulsive”, “a little impatient and stubborn”, Tayc warns that he will be read as in an open book. “If I don’t manage to take a step, I can quickly grumble so everything will have to go very well and my partner knows how to reassure me”, he said. But there is another one he wants to reassure: his mother. “When I win Mum, you’ll sleep with the trophy for a whole week!”, he promises. The appointment is made.

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