Series finals that they did not like

The Sopranos (6 seasons)

James Gandolfini gave life to the most media mobster of the screen from Michael Corleone. Its ending, with a fade to black, unleashed the anger of much of the audience who did not understand its meaning, but which had many similarities with the Joe Pesci scene in Goodfellas. David Chase, creator of the series and director of the first and last chapter, was clear that The Sopranos should end yes or yes with the death of the capo of the New Jersy family. At first he thought of ending it on the way to reunion with a family in New York, but while driving he saw a slum and decided that this would be the right place to put an end to the process of demystifying the mafioso prototype. If Scorsesse has already removed the layer of respectability that Coppola had granted him in The Godfather, Chase would go a step further and turn him into a close, vulgar character with everyday problems (anxiety, overweight, dysfunctional family…) and who, instead of expensive suits, wore a tracksuit and shorts. Something that by the way Gandolfini’s mafia ‘friends’ who advised him on the role did not like. James also had another top advisor, Tony Sirico (Paulie), who was a real gangster with jail time, and whose condition for being on the show was that his character not be a snitch.

It can be seen on HBO Max.

Lost (6 temporadas)

JJ Abrams achieved his first great success with a fiction that narrated the adventures of the survivors of the accident of flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines Sydney-Los Angeles. The plot was full of action and initially mixed intrigue (Dharma Initiative) with some supernatural elements (The Black Smoke), but as it progressed, it incorporated different time lines, parallel universes… all of this became entangled in such a way that the ending was so chaotic that its writers had to make an epilogue to make sense of it. For many viewers, all the passengers had died in the accident and the whole series was a kind of journey (purgatory) towards a new life (heaven), but what they had wanted to reflect was the existence of an alternative reality in which the living and the dead they were all together. It was an answer to the universal question of what lies after death. But since the last scene was the empty plane wreckage the idea of ​​tragedy took hold.

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Game of Thrones (8 seasons)

After six brilliant seasons and two closed in a hurry, the essay on power and government that Machiavelli himself would have signed, ended with general disillusionment and with the feeling that nothing, or almost nothing, fit as it should. The series actually had a great first finale with the death of what had been the great female figure of the series, Daenerys Targarayen, at the hands of her lover, John Snow. This was no longer liked because the change in personality of the Mother of Dragons was so hasty, unjustified and childish that there was no time to digest it. To this first outcome were added the different closures for each of the plot arcs and that had their maximum expression in the coronation of one of the most bland characters in the saga, Bran Stark, as King of Westeros. Perhaps all the final chaos is due to the fact that these last scripts no longer had the literary guidance of George RR Martin, although he had explained to the HBO producers how he wanted the story to end and that had two more seasons.

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Prison Break (5 seasons)

This prison drama inaugurated the golden age of the series and in its first two seasons it was a great audience and critical success. What’s more, will go down in history for having three different endings. The first occurred at the end of what was to be its last season, the fourth, in which Michael saved his brother Lincoln and the bad guys, as the Hays code dictates, paid for their crimes. A last scene in which Michael’s grave was seen, who suffered from a terminal illness, put an end to the story. So far everyone is happy and a closure in the classic style.

But the producers decided to lengthen the story and made a second ending, which was developed into a special 90-minute episode titled Final Evasion. The excuse was to explain the mysterious death of Michael, who was electrocuted to save the mother of his son. This already liked less.

But not happy there eight years later they recovered the series by resurrecting one of its protagonists, the audience did not respond as they thought and they closed the prison sine die.

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Dexter (9 seasons)

The most beloved psychopath on television had a farewell (in season 8) that left the legion of fans who followed his crimes in a bad taste. After several brilliant deliveries, the series entered a drift that led to the death of its female protagonist, Debra, and, what is worse, in a betrayal of the moral or amoral codes that had governed all deliveries. In a rushed and technically botched final episode Dexter Morgan ‘died’ in a hurricane and was resurrected as a lumberjack in an undefined location. So Eight years later, it is time to revive the Miami coroner in a small and cold town in New York County, but in familiar moral territory. A splendid Michael C. Hall gets the character back on track, catches up on his old ways (The Dark Passenger) and gives him a end to Dexter worthy of his career. Here it has been worth the wait.

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Two and a Half Men (12 seasons)

Although the series drew the curtain in 2015, but since Charlie Sheen’s dismissal for “dangerous” in 2011 his star had been eclipsed. The actor, who already had his record, entered a self-destructive spiral after his divorce from Denise Richards in 2005. Drugs, alcohol and a monumental row with the producer (Chuck Lorre) were the triggers for his expulsion, despite the fact that each installment was seen by 14 million viewers in the US. For Charlie it was a severe blow as he charged 1.8 million per episode at the time. In spite of everything, they called him for the final chapter, but Charlie got off the hook with a series of demands that made his incorporation impossible. So a bizarre ending was staged in which a piano fell on a ‘resurrected’ Charlie Harper from behind while Chuck Lorre said to the camera: “Winning!”. A personal mockery directed at Sheen and that had nothing to do with the character.

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True Blood (7 temporadas)

The southern vampires of Louisiana captivated audiences and critics for several seasons. The series shared a time frame with another famous saga, Twilight, but its plot was darker, adulter, smarter and more erotic than Pattinson’s. The Sookie Stackhouse-Bill Compton couple maintained a high level, despite the fact that from the fifth season it went down. His end, with euthanasia with a stake on his part and pairing with a stranger on her part, was not liked at all. where yes there was a happy ending it was in real life, since Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer married and had two children.

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The Serranos (8 seasons)

Globomedia’s production is possibly the most important fiction, and also the trickiest, in the history of television in Spain. This family dramatic comedy narrates the adventures of the couple formed by a widower (Antonio Resines) and a divorcee (Belén Rueda) and their respective children. It garnered large audiences due to the excellent performances of its protagonists and to present very close plots for the viewer. The ending was a tease for many. Diego Serrano, overwhelmed by multiple problems, jumps off a bridge, white light and… wakes up. The 147 chapters had been just a nightmare, a pity that it was not true because they would have avoided the boycott that Caja Madrid made to the series because a scene made the entity feel bad.

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How I Met Your Mother (9 Seasons)

Situation comedy in which Ted Mosby, a widowed architect, explains to his children what his relationship with his late mother was like. Over the years, characters that are related to his life parade and that make a portrait of the New York society of the time. The series maintains a good level until in the last two episodes it takes a surprising turn. Ted Mosby tells how his wife died, but his children tell him that he has not really narrated his relationship with her, what he has actually shown is his love for another woman, Robin; so they push him to fulfill his dream. The audience reacted badly to an ending that on the one hand contained a tragedy and on the other was a betrayal of nine years of broadcasting. For this reason, the producer decided to make an alternative ending, which was included in the DVD of the last season, and which ended with Ted and his future wife happy.

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