LIVE – “Dance with the stars”: Tayc sets fire to Fauve and gets the four buzz from the jury


It is on “Le Reste” by Clara Luciani that Vaimalama Chaves, the Miss France 2019, dances a chacha with her partner Christian Millette. The Tahitian is doing her best, but she seems a bit stiff for her first. The jury logically gave him no buzz. “There was no connection at the center level,” says expert Chris Marques. Do you get it?

“For me, it’s not great!”. For François Alu, “Vai” is a sun. But technical question, it is “a little too timid”. His advice: “dance in a cube to explore space”. Yooh …

For Denitsa, the footwork is clearly not up to par. “You have to free your hips”, explains the Bulgarian champion. The marks: 6 for Jean Paul, 6 for Denitsa, 5 for François and 4 for Chris. That’s 21 points, Vaimalama and Christian joining the “hot seat” in place of Aurélie and Adrien.

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